Top 10 Photo Spots on the Fox River Bike Trail

With all the social media we use on a daily basis, its no wonder we’ve gotten so great at taking pictures. Your next amazing photo opportunity should be on the Fox River Bike Trail! There are sites either on or near our Bike Trail that are sure to give you the picture perfect background. Some are classic photo destinations that have been around since 1993 and others have recently been added to show our support of our local Veterans. Whatever you choose to find, share your adventure using #OnTheFox.

(Above picture: Riverside Drive Promenade)

  • South Elgin DAM (Waterfall) – also has an Indian War soldier’s grave site marked by a boulder
    The Jon J. Duerr Forest Preserve
    35W003 Route 31
    South Elgin, IL
  • Pratt’s Castle
    1262 Cedar Avenue
    Elgin, IL
  • Lincoln Replica
    206 N. River Street
    East Dundee, IL
  • Fox River Trolley Museum
    361 S. La Fox Street
    South Elgin, IL
  • Riverside Drive Promenade
    0 S – 92 S. Riverside Drive
    Elgin, IL
  • Pioneer Memorial (Elgin DAM) 
    Park at Grove Avenue Lot/Runs parallel to Route 31
    Elgin, IL
  • Walton Island
    Park at Grove Avenue Lot/Behind the Hemmens
    Elgin, IL
  • The Pump House (Old pump used to bring energy to manufacturing plants)
    10 E. Main Street
    Carpentersville, IL
  • Veteran’s Memorial Park
    Park at Grove Avenue Lot/Right Near Bridge on Kimball St.
    Elgin, IL
  • Jeike Creek Bird Sanctuary
    Boncosky Road (Between Route 31 and Sleepy Hollow Road)
    Dundee, IL
    *While this is not located on the trail, it is accessible via bike.


For more information on the Fox River Bike Trail check out the bike trail website.

(Above picture: Walton Island)


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