Parks Along the Trail

Take a break while you’re traveling the Fox River Bike Trail and cool off at one of these parks. They’re all located right off of the trail, with great views of the Fox River. The forest preserve offers peaceful areas for you to sit and have a picnic at, while Trout Park houses many baseball games. Also, Festival Park has plenty of room for groups of people to throw a football or Frisbee around. So pick an activity and go!


  • Fox River Shores Forest Preserve
    701 North Williams Road
    Carpentersville, IL
  • Voyageur’s Landing Forest Preserve
    50 Airport Road
    Elgin, IL
  • Trout Park
    576 Trout Park Boulevard
    Elgin, IL
  • Festival Park
    132 S. Grove Avenue
    Elgin, IL
  • Elgin Shores County Forest Preserve
    772 South State Street
    South Elgin, IL


If I’ve intrigued you to visit one of these places, then here are my ideas of things to do and bring on your exploration.

Things to do while you’re on picnic: Yoga, play a game of touch football, play a game of catch with your dog, create a pick up game of ultimate Frisbee, explore nature, take a hike if you’re in a forest preserve, create your own relay races, fly a kite, or complete a scavenger hunt.

Things to bring on a picnic outing: a Frisbee, bug spray, blankets, sunscreen, a picnic basket, water bottles, a football, folding chairs, and most importantly a tote or backpack to bring it all in. You also need food! I suggest you go pick up custom made sandwiches, soup, or salads from In the Neighborhood Deli, 185 N. Edison Avenue, Elgin, IL. They also have “lunch boxes” where they pack a sandwich, chips, pasta salad, a drink, and a cookie or brownie for you ahead of time. Take one step out of your busy day and indulge yourself in their food.

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About the Author: Shalina Wozny I am a communications intern for EACVB. I really like being the “middle man” and finding a way to bridge the gap between people. I like exploring new cities, eating a good bowl of pasta, and having anything sweet for dessert – dessert is a must for me! Fall is my favorite season; the leaves changing color fascinate me. I love having deep, soulful conversations. Follow my posts on this blog to find out more about what I love to do in this area.