Ladies’ Getaway Day Trip

Do you ever just want to get away for the weekend, or even just one day with all of your girl friends? I’ve planned a full day with eating, wine and bike riding on our Fox River Bike Trail. You can also experience the arts, which is a plus.

Start with coffee, because who doesn’t want to these days? Domani Cafe is a small coffee shop in Elgin that has excellent service. It’s perfect for a slow wake up with all your girl friends. Head over to Side Street Studio, still in Elgin, and check out the artist displayed in the gallery that week, or call ahead and book a class for that morning.

Next, bike down the trail to Piece-A-Cake Bakery in East Dundee and enjoy handcrafted cookies, pies and bakery items. It’s your weekend, so chocolate in the morning is a must-have.  Stroll through the local East Dundee shops for a while. Take it slow, you have all day. If you’re still feeling hungry then eat a late lunch outside at the The Measuring Cup Cafe.

When you all are feeling up to it, then bike back down to Elgin and have dinner at Toom Toom Thai Restaurant. The atmosphere is great at night and the servers will recommend dishes that your taste buds are craving. End with a relaxing painting class at Ola la ljorere, which is in downtown Elgin as well. Usually, you can bring your own wine while you replicate a painting. I think wine and painting is a perfect end to a relaxing day involving great food and beautiful sites.


Domani Cafe
109 E. Highland Avenue
Elgin, IL

Side Street Studio
15 Ziegler Court
Elgin, IL

Sweet Pop Fizz Candy Bar
316 River Street
East Dundee, IL

Measuring Cup
217 Barrington Avenue
East Dundee, IL

Toom Toom Thai Restaurant
23 S. Grove Avenue
Elgin, IL

Ola la lijorere
51 S. Spring Street
Suite 125A
Elgin, IL

Feel free to only do half of this day if it feels like too much. I would encourage you to at least experience something in the arts (Side Street Studios or Ola la ljorere) and visit a local restaurant on the Fox River Bike Trail. We have great things to offer in this area, so take advantage of all of it while you can! Don’t forget to use #OnTheFox to showcase the fun you had on your Ladies’ Getaway.

About the Author: Shalina Wozny I am a communications intern for EACVB. I really like being the “middle man” and finding a way to bridge the gap between people. I like exploring new cities, eating a good bowl of pasta, and having anything sweet for dessert – dessert is a must for me! Fall is my favorite season; the leaves changing color fascinate me. I love having deep, soulful conversations. Follow my posts on this blog to find out more about what I love to do in this area.