Food on the Trail: Part 1

Everyone’s number one concern when exercising on bike trails is where to stop for food? Taking a break to get a drink and something to eat is a welcome part of a day on the trail. Below are a list of restaurants that are located in the Carpentersville/East Dundee/West Dundee communities along the trail.

Carpentersville Community

Trail Dawgs
37 E. Main Street
Carpentersville, IL

Just Dogs
142 S. Western Avenue
Carpentersville, IL

East Dundee Community

Rosie Ohare’s Pub
702 Water Street
East Dundee, IL

Benedict’s Eggs & More
8 S. River Street
East Dundee, IL

Measuring Cup
217 Barrington Avenue
East Dundee, IL

Diamond Jim’s
325 Meier Street
East Dundee, IL

304 N. River Street
East Dundee, IL

River Lee’s Pub
6 E. Main Street
East Dundee, IL

Van’s Frozen Custard
16 E. Main Street
East Dundee, IL

Blues BBQ
102 N. River Street
East Dundee, IL

Pasquale’s Pizzeria & Delicatessen
310 N. River Street
East Dundee, IL

Sweet Pop Fizz Candy Bar
316 N. River Street
East Dundee, IL

Dairy Queen
15 E Main Street
East Dundee, IL
(847) 428-2443


West Dundee Community

Emmett’s Ale House
128 W. Main Street
West Dundee, IL

Francesca’s Campagna Restaurant
127 W. Main StreetWest Dundee, IL

Around the Corner Candy
99 W. Main Street
West Dundee, IL

The Village Squire
125 Washington Street
West Dundee, IL

My personal favorites are Van’s Frozen Custard, Benedict’s Eggs and More, The Village Squire, and Sweet Pop Fizz Candy Bar. Van’s is the go-to spot for my college friends and I. It’s a laid back restaurant that has amazing frozen custard with all the toppings you could wish for. They also have a daily flavor of the day. Benedict’s has great brunch options. It’s a great spot for a lazy Saturday outing. The Squire is the late night food and drink spot for my friends and I. After an event on campus, we all drive over to the Squire and hang out there for a while. Lastly, Sweet Pop Fizz Candy Bar is where I take my girl friends to get a glass of wine and chocolate – they’re hooked after the first try.

Looking for spots in Elgin? We have a whole blog on that, read here.

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About the Author: Shalina Wozny I am a communications intern for EACVB. I really like being the “middle man” and finding a way to bridge the gap between people. I like exploring new cities, eating a good bowl of pasta, and having anything sweet for dessert – dessert is a must for me! Fall is my favorite season; the leaves changing color fascinate me. I love having deep, soulful conversations. Follow my posts on this blog to find out more about what I love to do in this area.