What even is the Fringe Festival?

It’s on flyers, in-store shops, and referenced in passing from Elginites, but what is Fringe Festival? Sadly, I do not hail from these parts and have only heard about Fringe. Now that I have been here for a sufficient amount of time, I know what the Fringe Festival is…but I still have not experienced it! So the way I am going to change that is volunteering during the event. I looked through the events today, and there are so many compelling performances that are going to happen! My top five that I am excited for are:

5. Elgin Short Film – I am a huge movie buff and seeing other people’s passion for movies is awesome

4. Shedding Skin- The description is as follows, “An exploration of transformation, a moving meditation on change,” and that speaks to me.

3. Koopa & Los Mysterious- I saw them perform recently at the Pin Up event at Martini Room, and they were a fun group to watch, and I know they will bring that energy to Fringe Festival as well

2. Elgin Theatre Company-  Presents “Reflections and Perspectives,” written and directed by Carl Zeitler. Consisting of three short plays that relate to our lives and each other, there will no doubt be laughter and contemplation.

The top Fringe Festival event I am excited about is…

1. Flocks and the Lookout- Their album Hills and Valleys is unapologetically on repeat on my Spotify right now.


Don’t miss out on Fringe Festival September 15-18th!