Chooch’s Pizzeria

I had the pleasure to enjoy Chooch’s Pizzeria with the wonderful employees of Elgin Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. We went as a “goodbye” to me because I am leaving the internship to return to my school. I had always wanted to eat at Chooch’s so I was excited to be there. We sat outside on the patio on a beautiful, sunny day. It was fun to view the walkers, bikers and runners along the river.

The three of us who went all eat gluten-free. Chooch’s makes gluten-free crust so we ordered two GF pizzas, one pizza was margherita and the other pizza was the roasted vegetable with chicken. If you are gluten-free and love pizza (like me), then you know how awesome it is to find a place with gluten-free pizza. The pizza tasted DELICIOUS and I could not even tell that it was gluten-free.  I would recommend this to anyone in the area, or even out of the area!

If you do not feel like ordering a whole pizza, Chooch’s sells pizza by the slice for lunch until 3pm. It’s $3 for a slice of cheese or $3.25 for a slice of cheese with either sausage or pepperoni. If you are not a pizza fan, no need to worry! Chooch’s also has soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pasta and an assortment of other options. Check out their menudaily specials and drink specials. You can choose to dine in at Chooch’s or do carry out, so go today!!



About the Author: Claire

I am the social media intern for EACVB who finds excitement in scrolling through Facebook and Twitter timelines, creating hashtags on Instagram and pinning everything from recipes to movie quotes on Pinterest. I Snapchat more than I text and I watch YouTube videos for fun. I value a gluten-free pizza and a big iced coffee. When I am not in the office I enjoy spending time with family and friends at venues around the Fox River Valley area, as well as, attempting to go on long runs throughout town. My current goal in life is to go on a road trip across the United States visiting random and unusual tourist attractions and I find conspiracy theories and urban legends fascinating.