The New Girl’s Guide to Elgin: Part 2: Nightmare on Chicago Street

   There was a shift in the air. Something wasn’t right. The roads were eerily empty, overturned cars and tanks abandoned, toxic waste oozing from barrels, boarded up windows, and flashing reds made the night wind colder than expected. No cars moved on Chicago Street. The only movement through the streets was that of the undead. On…


Trick or Treating Hours

The best time of the year is here…Halloween! Little Spidermen, Elsa’s, and BB8’s will soon fill the streets asking for candy in a few weeks. The surrounding Elgin Areas may have different Trick or Treating times from one another. Here are the Halloween Trick or Treating hours:   Bartlett: Monday, October 31st at 3:00- 7:00…


The New Girl’s Guide to Elgin: Part 1: Grand Victoria Casino-Prime

As the new kid on the block, there is a lot to catch up. First stop: Grand Victoria Casino: Prime Burgerhouse. How could I have NOT been to the Casino, you ask? It’s one of the most popular attractions in Elgin. As a poor college student who survived on mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, coffee,…


Preparing to Attend Nightmare on Chicago Street

Are you planning on attending the largest zombie apocalypse event in Chicagoland’s, Nightmare on Chicago Street? We have put together a list of things to help you get the most of your experience to one of our favorite events. Buying Tickets Tickets are available online through the event website or at the Elgin Area Convention…


“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”

There is a chill in the air. The same chill that creeps into our homes and makes us pull the blanket a little closer; drink the hot chocolate a little faster. Nightmare on Chicago Street is just around the corner (Oct. 22); caramel apples beckon us to taste their buttery sweet deliciousness. Pumpkins are everywhere…